Posted on Nov 23, 2019

Food Travel by Chef Ric Orlando

Sicily Immersion Tour May 2-12. 2020
Why I love Sicily …and you will too!

Traveling to Sicily is always a revelation for Americans. The history, food and drink, the landscape and of course the people of Sicily are unique in so many ways. She is an abundant Island, both in the center of the world and isolated. The old and the new mesh to invite you to a world that evokes the fantasy, “Can I live here?”.
Throughout the centuries Sicily was conquered and settled by many cultures: Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Norman, Arab and Spanish have all left an indelible imprint on the art, architecture, culture and food of Sicily. At times, the island has been at the heart of great civilizations, at other times it has been nothing more than a colonial backwater. Its fortunes have often soared and plummeted, depending on events out of its control. It was once a magnet for immigrants, the later a land of emigrants. And now, it has become a land of immigrants once more.
For 10 days we will meet the people, taste the food and wine, and explore the art, architecture and natural resources of this magical island. Most of all , however, you will hear the stories directly from the locals. This is what makes this trip priceless; the connections we will make with real people living real lives who are willing to share their experiences with you.
I am so happy to share Sicily with all of you!
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